July 31st we cruised from Hastings to Peterborough through marshy areas, and cabin areas. Slow and easy with many bends in the channel. We had 1 lock to pass through today. We cruised with several boats, Pura Vida lll, Grand Cru, Just Right, Scaliwag, and SS Walker for 38.6 miles. We needed fuel so the Peterborough Marina was a good choice. We were able to wash clothes here also. There was a beautiful fountain in the marina that some of the loopers were calling a geiser. Later we enjoyed a free concert in the Peterborough Park. A Canadian Band called 5440. While we watched the concert one of the looper boats had people come on their boat and were taking pictures of themselves. The owners were not happy about that. August 1st already, WOW. Cruised to a beautiful Area Lovesick Lock, which was an Island. We only traveled 26 miles but went through 9 locks. Lock 26 was a lift lock. I call it the bathtub lock because you drive in a box and the gate closes, then you are lifted 65 feet as the other lock goes down you go up. Very cool. All the lock helpers are wonderful, pleasant, helpful, they look like they are having a great time. In one of the locks one of the boats started leaning to their port, I guess their rope got caught and they had trouble freeing it from the cable and their cleat. They finally got it loose, otherwise they would have had to cut it. That is one thing we learned in our safety course was to have a sharp knife with you while in the locks. At one of the locks at least 50 canoers came out and weaved their way through all of our boats that were ready to go into that lock. They were singing and chanting, having a great time. We went through hurricane bend, Hells gate, through Clear Lake and Stoney Lake. Many homes built on islands made of rock. I think the most beautiful area I’ve seen. We stayed at the lock wall at Lovesick. A Houseboat was there camping. We had heard that the houseboats are rentals and they don’t know how to drive them very well. These people told us a story about a larger houseboat that ran over the fuel dock and 5 minutes later got caught in the barrier cable that was strung across the Canal that marked the dam. We heard loons but didnt get any sightings of them.

Fountain at Peterborough marina
5440 Band
Cute beer can
Going through a lock
A pretty canoe
Peterborough Lift Lock
One lift goes up and the other down
These canoes were in the tub with us
Looking out over the top
As we left the lock. It looks like the infinity pool edge
Great helpers at the locks
Island Home
Another Home
Just natural beauty
More scenery by Lovesick
A rock man
A loon

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