Oswego NY – Kingston Ontario – Canada – Belleville Ontario

July 2oth we started across Lake Ontario. Waves were 1-2 feet will swells that were quite bothersome. I took a dramamine to make sure I didn’t get sick. We weren’t alone crossing as Knot a Chance (Jerry,Carol), Pura Vida 3 (Chris,Angela,Sebastian), Phase 3 (Bill,Nita) went across also. We were all heading for different places. Bruce tried different speeds so we made it across to Collins Marina by 12:15. Bruce had to call our Canpass number about 3 miles out to get cleared by customs. They gave us a number and said we could be met at the dock by customs and if not we were good to go. I can’t believe we made it to Canada!!!! Here are a few 1 year statistics as of July 13,2019.

Voyages: 106. Engine hours: 639. Fuel: 2,693.7 gallons. Fuel Cost: $8664.63. Number of Locks: 56. Anchorages: 19. Marinas: 69. Marina cost: . Free Walls: 16. Mooring Balls: 1. Miles from Washburn WI: 5,176.33. Miles from Detour Village ( where we cross our wake) : 4369.93.

July 22nd we cruised 53.3 miles to Belleville, Ontario. It rained but very lightly all morning. Traveling through the Bay of Quinte and through other rivers was very peaceful. Ed and Kyle from boat (Its OK 2) had invited us to their Home on Limerick Lake if we had time to stop. Of course we have time. We met them in Demopolis AL. Traveled with them and stayed in Englewood FL in the same marina for 2 months. We were wined and dined exquisitely for 2 nights. They gave us their 4 lake tour of Limerick, Mephisto, Dark, and St. Ola. This was a 2 day tour with a picnic lunch and fresh spring water . They have a beautiful home they designed and decorated themselves. The lake home only can be accessed by boat, so everything had to be put on a barge and pulled across the lake from Ed’s brother George’s marina. Thank you so much Ed and Kyle for an unforgettable as Bruce calls it “Vacation Vacation .”

Belleville Marina had flooding issues
Our Baytripper is on the left
This was in the Marina Parking Lot
Collins Bay Marina Flooding
Kyle, Ed, Bruce. Duffers food truck. FF,Cheese Curds and Gravy. VERY Healthy
A large hotdog and of course diet Pepsi
A donated bear sculpture to George’s Marina
Ed and Kyle’s Home on Lake Limerick
Ed, Kyle and Bruce in their kitchen
Their home is very nicely decorated
Kyle Ed,Bruce on their dock
Kyle Ed and Bev on Dark Lake
Picnic. Wine ,cheese, assorted meats,cherries,blueberries, crackers. Bev,Ed,Kyle,Bruce
Scenery by a log dam
Beautiful going from lake to lake
Several loons on the lakes
Momma loon and her babies
These are boat houses on the lakes by Ed and Kyle
Bruce cooked his deep dish pizza for them
Bev Enjoying a fresh blueberry
Our great hosts Kyle and Ed with the picnic spread
The boat house

One thought on “Oswego NY – Kingston Ontario – Canada – Belleville Ontario

  1. Wow!! I wouldn’t mind staying at Ed and Kyle’s place!! Their home looks great! Keep sending pictures!


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