Frankford Lock #6- Campbellford

July 25 Ed and Kyle boated us to shore from their home on Lake Limerick and drove us back to our boat in Belleville. What a wonderful 3 days on their Lake. We were on the Trent Severn after cruising 10 miles. To Trent Ontario. We entered our 1st lock and paid them $186.00 for a one way lockage for 42 locks. We also had a mooring fee of $392.00 to be able to tie to most of the lock walls. Wind was a factor in a couple locks but otherwise we did fine. Bruce had taken off the fender rack so I could handle the ropes better. A quiet night at lock 6. July 26th we cruised 6 more locks on the trent and 24 miles to Campbellford. Locks 11 and 12 were twin locks right next to each other. When the water gate opened after going up in the 11th lock you just drove immediately into the 12th lock. Cool and very nice view from here. We are planning to stay 2 nights get one free . There is a nightly charge for hydro”electric” and water. We saw the large statue of the Canadian Toonie, a $2.00 coin in the park here. We visited the World’s finest Chocolate Outlet, bought butter tarts at the renowned Doohers Bakery, and went swimming in the community pool. Not sure if it was legal, but Crazy kids were jumping off the bridge close by .

Large sign announcing the Waterway
The workers crank the gates open by hand
Yes they make you wait at the blue line until the lock gates open
Going in to the twin lock 11,12
View above the lock
Another view above the twin locks
Our wall in Campbellford
My position for locking through
I want to paint this on something
This was quite the crew of ducks
Had to try their beer here
Meanwhile at home my neighbors pontoon got flipped in a storm
Canadian Toonie
Teenagers jumping from the bridge

One thought on “Frankford Lock #6- Campbellford

  1. We have had some bad storms near us. Is it difficult to right a pontoon? I want to see your painting when it is finished!


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