Troy Lock – to -Waterford Wall – Amsterdan Wall – Canajoharie Wall

June 17th we headed for our next adventure North and west to start our series of locks. We are on the New York Canal System otherwisw known as the Erie Canal. The first lock was the Troy Lock. Went pretty well, I guess we are old hands at this now. We stayed on the free Waterford Wall overnight. Actually it cost $10.00. Very cheap, and our canal permit is free this year. YEAH. The Erie canal also called Clintons Ditch or Clintons Folly named after Mayor Dewitt Clinton and was truly a 4 foot deep by 40 feet wide ditch dug by hand and mules would pull the boats up or down the ditch. They built wooden aqueducts over the rivers to pull the boats to the other side to follow the ditch. The present Erie canal is 340 miles in length. June 18th we did a flight of 5 locks in 2 hours. We were dodging many floating logs in the chanel and locks. We passed Schenectady , known for Mohawk carpet. Mostly we are also on the Mohawk River. We managed 4 more locks . We then pulled up to River Link Park wall Marina in Amsterdam. Four other looper boats were here. Cat and Dogs (Jax,Russ), El Tejon (Don,Barb), Doug Out (Doug,Lynn), As You Wish (John,Martha). We ate out and then walked around to see remnants of the old canal. June 19th we cruised to the Canajoharie town wall. We managed 3 locks today. A little old couple had trouble in one of the locks and their boat was pushing up against another boat. The wall is FREE and it has electric but no water. We have our water tank full, so we are good to go. We met this cute little bar owner at the Irish Pub who told us about Canajoharie meaning ( A kettle stuck on a pole). It was too far to walk to see the boiling pot waterfalls area. I’m sure it was cool. We stayed another night hoping to wait out some rain. A sailboat came to the dock today and we helped with her ropes. She was sailing it alone with 2 big dogs. She was telling stories about almost being abducted by another boat, but got rescued by the navy. More stories.

Love tug boats
Saw many by Albany
Camouflage Boat
Coming into the Troy lock and dam
Staue on the Waterford Wall
Old dam by Waterford
The Waterford Wall
Stone arch remains from old Erie Canal
Guard gates in between the locks on the Erie
Upscale apartments on the Erie
The dams are adjacent to the locks
Bruce bringing boat into the lock, Bev attaching a rope to the cable
A ski team practicing alongside our boats at the Amsterdam Marina
Free wall
Canajoharie Wall
A sign about the Erie Canal
Bruce calls the sign a dummy light. I thought the building was cool
Bruce took a truckstop picture
Many trains passing by – noisy
This bad … instructor had these kids practicing in the rain
The Irish Pub was one of the original buildings in Calajoharie

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