Statin Island – Croton-on-Hudson

June 12th left our marina and headed out into the Hudson River to take pictures of each others boats by the Statue of Liberty. Thankyou Lynn and Doug on (Doug out),and KT and Deb on (Mountain Wave) for taking ours. Rough water on the Hudson, trying to miss the ferries and other boats and barges. The Hudson scenery changes from skyscrapers to mountain and forest. Beautiful. Current against us and using more fuel. Saw more loopers, Trinity and Alonsy. Cruised 53 miles today. Stopped at Halfmoon Bay Marina for 2 nights. We rented a car with Mtn Wave (KT,Deb) and Sea Glass (Dave,Janet) to do laundry and shop and have dinner. It was a rainy day. It did clear enough to see the beautiful manmade Croton Dam. Incredible workmanship. June 14th we fueled across the river at Haverstraw then cruised the Hudson past West Point Military Academy built in 1802, Storm King Mountain, a castlelike Bannermans building, and Vassar College by Poughkeepsie. Saw 2 lighthouses near Esopus. Don’t you just love the names of these places. We continued on to Mills Norrie Marina. A cute little marina right by Hyde park and National Estuary. There was a campground there also. Only walked a little ways. I was afraid there may be bears around. June 15th we traveled past the NY Cullinary Institute ( wish I could have visited) to Shady Harbor Marina in New Baltimore. One of the bridges was called Rip Von Winkle. More boats some big some small. We chatted with Summer Lynn ( Greg,Nancy). We met them at Green Turtle Bay ,KY. There is a pool here but a bit chilly to swim. This marina is where there was a huge hog roast that 40 plus loopers attended a couple weeks ago. A couple of boaters saw a bear swim across the river and run across the marina parking lot. Took the courtesy car for a cruise. I drove because Bruce’s license expired on his Birthday. A bit too close for comfort.

Baytripper in front of the Statue of Liberty
Baytripper with Manhattan skyline
Empire State Building
Crazy looking boat
Tug boat by Yonkers
KT,Dave,Bruce, Bev,Janet,Deb
Bruce,Bev by Croton Dam
Side of Croton Dam
Croton Dam
Deb, KT,Janet ,Dave ,Bev,Bruce
Beautiful Forest and hills
West Point military Academy
By Storm King Mtn
Esopus Lighthouse
Flowering Tree
Small houseboat
Fast boats
Bear track in marina parking lot
Bruce unloading groceries in the rain
Shady Harbor Marina

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