Atlantic City to New York

We went into the ICW again inside of the Atlantic and Plan A was to anchor at Manasquan. We saw some skinny water depth reading 3.1 feet. Seeing some fog off and on. The weather was good today and not so good for tomorrow. Some of the boats stayed and anchored. Soooo, the captains decided on a plan B to go out into the Atlantic and run faster at 18 mph. The goal was to get to Great Kills Marina today. An anchorage was also considered around the other side of Sandy Hook in case we couldnt make it before dark. The Myra Marie came with us. We were dealing with some heavy fog now and then. I admit I almost made Bruce turn back before we headed out the inlet. Came close to hitting a boat, but Bruce managed to steer clear. Once out in the Ocean the fog was just patchy and the waves weren’t bad as we cruised at 18 mph. We traveled 103 miles today. John the harbor host at Great Kills on Statin Island, graciously let us come in a day early and at his young age of almost 80 helped us with our ropes when we docked. Now for a fun few days in New York City. We learned how to catch the bus to the Statin Island Ferry (which is free). Then transit the city on a free bus the first day. The weather dampened our fun on Monday, so Tuesday the 11th of June we again took the bus the ferry and we paid for a hop on hop off tour. Seeing the Statue of Liberty from the ferry was very moving . Can’t wait to see it from our own boat. The 911 memorial ponds are also very striking along with all the new buildings around the site. Our necks are sore from looking at all the skyscrapers. The freedom Tower the Empire State Bldg. , Times square, Rockefeler Plaza, etc. We walked 5th Avenue, wall Street, and strolled through Central Park.

Passed a paddleboat on the ICW
Sometimes its foggy
World Trade Center pools
New Tower at the Trade Center

The Fearless girl on wallstreet
Wallstreet Bull
Statin Island Ferry
Shoes for Chad
Bruce and Bev on the Statin Island Ferry
Central Park
A group of tourists at the Imagine circle in central park
Bruce looking at Manhatten from the Ferry
The Statue of Liberty
Statue by Ellis Island
Ellis Island
Memorial for those who died in coastal waters
Building in New York
Times Square
No Standing means no sitting idle in your car in this area
Empire State Building
Rockefeller Center
So many people
Rebuilt after the 911 tragedy
Congratulations to Sue and Bruce on (Lark) on Crossing their wake in Manhattan

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