Rhode River Anchorage – Nabbs Marina – White Rock Marina – Chesapeake City MD

We anchored twice and stayed at Restaurant/ Marina docks. Some of these options are much more reasonable than marinas, and sometimes they have electric and water. Bruce ramped up his speed a couple times because we were out there by ourselves. We seem to find loopers everywhere, which makes for great company. More large ships on the bays and even in the C&D channel. (Chesapeake and Delaware). In this area they refer to it as the Delmarva area. (Delaware,Maryland, Virginia). I arranged a get together with longtime friend and classmate Michelle Irvine (Brenna). Was wonderful. We talked a bunch, ate at the Broken Oar, and she even took me to the grocery store. What are friends for???. At White Rock Marina we celebrated Sea Trolley’s (Lee and Rob) wake crossing. Many of their friends family and looper family were present. It was great fun ending with a special cake that had Birthday candles on it for Bruce .

Which the wind blew out before Bruce was able to. We laughed. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUCE. We stayed a night there and then cruised the Chesapeake to Chesapeake City. Great small beautiful town. Important because this creek was turned into a large cannal connecting the ships to the Atlantic.

Large ship not sure what he is moored to
Another ship
Light house on the Chesapeake
Bev and Michelle
Lee and Rob on Sea Trolley getting their gold looper flag by crossing their wake.
Bruce, Lee,,Rob,Sue,Micholena,Bruce,Bev,Curtis
Other friends and relatives celebrating the crossing
This boat matches his dock
Tugs are so cute
This barge is being towed from the front
Boats on the dock with us . Trinity,The Lower Place, Baytripper, Lark
Baytripper at Chesapeake City
Ice Cream shop
Someones front yard
This looked like a castle wall
Love the flowers
Gotta enjoy the wildlife
Almost missed him
William Plane Jr. Bridge
Fish trap
Another boat

2 thoughts on “Rhode River Anchorage – Nabbs Marina – White Rock Marina – Chesapeake City MD

  1. Hi Bev!  I’m so glad you got to see Micky!!  The two of you must have had so much fun talking!  Hopefully she can come to our 50th reunion next year!  Everything about your adventures look fantastic, except for the snake!  We went to Dam Days last Friday in Morristown.  There was a surprise birthday party for Gloria Rasmussen (wife of my cousin Lowell who died)  Keep sending the blogs!!


    1. Hi Marygail. Im so glad people are reading my posts. Its really a daily monthly yearly vacation. Something I never thought I would do. I do like the water. We are gambling in Atlantic City right now and enjoying the pool. Next is New York. Hope all your family is well. I feel like I am spending too much money, but we’ll reign it in when we get home.


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