Solomons Maryland

Cruised 35 miles to the Solomons on our Anniversary, May 24th. The Chesapeake was rough today. Swells and over 4 foot waves at times. Our upper helm got splashed a few times. I was watching so the TV wouldn’t fall in the salon. Finally arrived and got tied up in our slip. Justified came in and slipped in right next to us. Met up with Justified,Lark and Sea Trolley on Sat for Dinner. Sunday was laundry day. We met Mary and Mike (Nauti Mary) next to us and they drove us to the grocery store and invited us to eat crabs on the dock. Very messy. Justified joined us. Then off to meet loopers for docktails. We invited our neighboring boats also. Everyone is so friendly. Monday we said goodbye to Justified at 0600. We will miss them. We hope to run with them if we can catch them again. We enjoyed the museum here in the solomans on Monday. Nice lighthouse and old boats. Marine life also. We enjoyed dinner at the C and D Restaurant, very quaint, good food. Tues was very hot and the pool here wasn’t open. Just our luck. Then Bruce whipped me 3 in a row playing farkle. Yes we have air conditioning on the boat.

Crab pots on a little crab boat
Dodging crab pot buoys
Eating crab on the dock with Deborah, Walt (Justified) Carmelita,Josh (Sea Hawk), Mary, Mike (Nauti Mary),
Old sewing machine inside the lighthouse
Log hewn boats
Boat at the museum
Lighthouse stairs
An otter at the museum
Mary and Mike, future loopers
Whale at the museum
Outhouse at the lighthouse
Bruce scanning the horizon at the solomons lighthouse
Looks like Noah’s ark
Had to eat there

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