Colonial Beach- Smith Creek Anchorage

May 21st we left Washington DC and stayed at Colonial Beach ,VA. A small marina called The Boathouse Marina. Seas a bit choppy today and we traveled 70 miles. The marina had a free golf cart for transportation and we used it for 2 days to see the cute town. Free laundry here in the back room. We ate at a cute little tiki bar and played farkle. The good life. May 23d we moved on to an Anchorage in Smith Cove. As we were pulling in we saw Sea Trolley (Lee and Rob) waving at us. Docktails and dinner at the restaurant there. It’s amazing that a restaurant in the middle of nowhere has so many customers. Bruce dinghied over to get Deborah and Walt (Justified) only after the storm passed . Our boat stayed at anchor perfectly during the storm. NO WORRIES. Justified then taught Sea Trolley how to play farkle. Now 4 rather large people had to dinghy back to our boats in one dinghy in the dark. Should have brought a flashlight. Back in Morristown, my family has gathered to cut a tree down by the lake. Also while we were gone Bruce’s family has helped place his step mom Jean , at Kenyon Sr Living, after a heart attack and stent placement. We will be home for a couple weeks at the end of June. Hope to enjoy Scotty and Tara’s wedding and my sister Dianne and her husband Bob’s 50th wedding anniversary.

Bev and Deborah on the golf cart
Swinging at the tiki bar in Colonial Beach VA
Folk Art
When you come to the fork in the road-Take It
Tiki Bar
Lobster boat gathering their pots
Chad cutting our tree down in Morristown
Notice its cut clear through and not falling

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