Washington DC

Pulled up anchor on May 19th and 15 miles or 2 hours later we were docking at The wharf Marina in DC. We tagged along with Deb and Walt (Justified) and headed by foot for the Washington Memorial. We could see it from across the tidal basin. Then the WW11 Memorial and Fountain where we stuck our feet in the water. It was 90 degrees out and we had already walked a couple miles. We looked up Gordon Gunhus on the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Number 12 West 55. The wall was very striking. Next we climbed ?? Stairs up the Lincoln Memorial. We have a picture to prove it. I can feel a sunburn coming on. Next we head a couple miles downtown to the Smithsonian Castle building. We toured the National Museum of Natural History. These buildings are huge. Way too much to absorb. WE NEED REST for a second day of walking. May 20th we again head out for the Smithsonian. We see a Spy Museum. We have to see that. It was fun. They give you an alias and as you go through the museum you answer questions on their kiosks and at the end they rate you as a spy. You learn a lot about how spying has been around since Washington times and how it has been useful for our government and our protection. Cybersecurity is indeed a concern. The Air and Space Museum took a long time to get through. We listened to 2 shows on space shuttles and the Apollo 11 mission to the moon in 1969. Niel Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. We walked more to at least see the Capital. The rest will have to wait for a future vacation . On our walk we had to pass a fresh seafood market. Live crab and lobster and many different types of seafood. You could purchase it and they also cooked it for you. Long lines of people.

Jefferson Memorial
Bev by the fountains
WW11 Memorial . Each state was listed
Washington Monument
Vietnam Memorial Wall
Lincoln Memorial
Many steps up to the Lincoln Memorial
Martin Luther King Memorial
Smithsonian Castle Building
Smithsonian Building
In the aircraft museum
They look like paper airplanes
Strange flying machines.
Wooden propellers
Live seafod market
Great museum
We should have rented these
We could have rented these
Recognize this spy’s car
This whole family was so tired they were sound asleep
Walt,Deb,Bev,Bruce with our 3D glasses
Friends Deb and Walt in front of the capital
Fort Washington
Bev and Bruce in front of the Capital in DC
Roses by the capital
Walt and Bruce Holding up the stone
There were softball teams playing in front of the capital

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