Mount Vernon

May 18th, we are leaving the Occoquan Marina and heading to Mount Vernon. George Washington’s Estate on the Potomac River. As we left the marina, we were in a convoy of boats involved in the ” Blessing of the fleet ” . We were blessed by a priest as we passed their boat. Very cool. It was too shallow to dock at the wharf at Mount Vernon, so we anchored out and dinghied to shore along with Justified. George and Martha Washington’s mansion was built with wood that was cut to look like stone. They would paint it and then throw sand on the wet paint. This finish looked like stone and preserved the wood. We toured the vegetable and fruit gardens and other old buildings. We could see our boat from the hillside. They picked a beautiful spot. A Cunningham woman formed the Mount Vernon Ladies Association in 1853 and is responsible for the preservation.

Part of the fleet blessing
More boats involved in the blessing
Part of Washington’s estate
Other Washington family were buried here
Washingtons old vault
Inside the mansion
Mount Vernon Mansion
Part of the garden
Drum and fife
This tree is the one Washington planted
A woman spinning wool
View of Our boat from Mount Vernon
An osprey landing on it’s nest

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