Anchoring at St. Mary’s- Occoquan Harbour Marina

May 15th we leave Portsmuth , we are still in a busy harbor area. Saw many navy ships, even a hospital ship. As we are entering the Chesapeake Bay, I’m hearing faint tolls from bells. I fed Bruce but not sure I want to eat as we are coming into some rolling waves. There were smaller fishing boats pulling up nets and pulling their catch over to a larger ship that pulled the nets up and into their boat. We anchor by a couple small marinas in Deltaville VA and dinghy in with Justified (Deb,Walt) to say hello to Fratt House (Sue,Joe)and Aquaman (Cindy,Andy). We enjoyed Dinner aboard Justified that evening. Deb and Walt grilled yummy stuffed pork chops. Bruce and Walt enjoyed some fireball. Thurs we voyaged to St. Mary’s, a college town. We anchor out at Horseshoe Bend and dinghy in to find food for dinner. We walked the historic site and found out the restaurant was closed. The cafeteria at the college was open. All you could eat for $10.00 a person, and it was great! What a find. May 17th was an 82 mile journey to Occoquin Harbour . We are now in the Potomac River heading for Washington DC. We had to dodge many crab pots on the Potomac. Sometimes in the waves they are difficult to see. We don’t want to snag the buoys and ropes and wreck our props. We see eagles and many osprey. We pass Potomac creek where Pocahontas was supposed to have been captured. Colonial Beach where naval surface weapons are in Dalgren VA. We passed Quantico marine base and saw some hovering aircraft. Settled in at the marina. Now for some crab and refreshments. We met Joe and Barbie from St. Paul MN. He was kind to offer his car so we could get groceries.

Beautiful sailboat
Naval ships
Hospital ship
The gray is where the tunnel goes under the water
Smaller boat pulling fish nets to large ship
We visited by dinghy ,Cindy,Joe,Deb Walt
Walt and Deb at Deltaville
Statue at St. Mary’s – Bruce, Walt
Bruce in stocks
Old historical building at St. Mary’s
St. Mary’s
This was hanging at their campus
Cafeteria food, walt,Deb,Bruce, Bev
Old ship by the college
Another beautiful sunset
Joe from St. Paul
This guy sang some good Jason Maraz
Large Factory of some kind

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