Kitty Hawk -Kill Devil Hills

Tues. May 2nd we rented a car and went back south to check on some electonic parts Ofor his chart plotter. We went out to the beach there and I found some good shells. On the way we kept seeing signs that said Thank You Jesus but of course, no picture. Wed. We drove North to Kill Devil Hills to see the Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur and the famous site where they did their famous first flight trials. I actualy got Bruce to go briefly to the beach, then ate at Nags Head Pier. I had a softshell crab. We decided to keep driving along the skinny pieces of land that are a National wildlife refuge. Pea Island, Cape Hatteras Nat’l seashore, and Ocracoke shore . We took the first ferry then found out the second ferry was done for the day. Back we went on the first ferry and drove back home, we didnt get back until 3:15 am. We did get to see a large black bear ambling across the road. A sailboat that had sailed from Peurto Rico just came back into our marina. Gas had been inserted instead of diesel fuel, so it wasnt running right. They now have to pump all that gas out and replace it with diesel. Later I realized I had left my tablet in the rental car and they were closed. We called on Monday – yes it was there. We are so fortunate. Sunday we loopers got together for docktails at Town Creek marina with “Lark” Sue and Bruce, “Justified” Walt and Deb, “Alysana” John and Gina. Another couple also joined us, cannot remember their names. Walt shared some peach moonshine when we toured their boat. Lark also let everyone tour their boat. It’s fun to see the different interiors. We checked out a boat show on the 4th. Very cool.

The Wright Brothers
Model of their plane
The Wright’s working hangers
The stones in the background are the four markers of their flights
Statues reenacting the first flights.
My softshell crab
Our ferry ride at sunset
Wooden boat show
They had 3 hours to build a boat. Then they had to see if they floated.
Each southern town has a town clock
They were giving classes on making surf boards
Every festival has music
Not sure we wanted to eat there
Bruce, Bruce, Sue, Bev

One thought on “Kitty Hawk -Kill Devil Hills

  1. Love your blogs, Bev!  I’m working on painting and updating our church’s Depot Park.  Others are on the committee, but I am able to put in more time since I’m retired.  I enjoy it.  You are doing such exciting things, I just enjoy your adventures along with you in your blogs!


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