Harbor Village to Homer Smith Marina

We’ve seen some big container ships and dredges along the way. On April 24th we were passing a sailboat and we ventured into some skinny water (blue water on our chart plotter) oops touching bottom. I kinda freaked out but Captain Bruce drove us slowly right out and into deeper water. We had to wait for a bridge opening, and Misty Pearl and Ci Ci Kay caught up with us. That means docktails at 5. On April 25th a few boats were traversing the ICW together. Misty Pearl, US Avalon, Still Waters II, Limarack and Baytripper . All of us were trying to catch the bridge opening just before Lejeune a military range area. The army was blasting munitions. We were finally cleared to go through, so off we went. Then Bruce got a radio call from Misty Pearl that we were suppose to stop. We hadn’t heard it . DOUG was laughing and wondering how long the military police would wait before they stopped us. After we docked we met Festivus (Kurt and Leanne). Saturday Doug and Dana gave us a pickle ball lesson. It was a cross between tennis, badmitton and pingpong. Bruce and Dana aced the challenge. We also met up with more loopers at the Town Marina later that evening on Southern Cross (Penny and David). Beautiful boat. Then out to eat with Doug,Dana, Jamie and Trish (About Time). We are at Homer Smith Marina for another week waiting on a fuel pump for the generator.

Container ship
Boats waiting for the bridge opening
The army at work
Dangerous area, Lejeune
More dolphins
Fresh fish – very yummy we bought some red snapper
More fish
Pickle Ball with Doug and Dana
On Southern Cross
What is barbecue without sweet potato pie and hushpuppies
Notice the picket fences
A sunken boat. Notice its not very deep.
Museum in Beaufort. Whale carcass
A sample of the coastline

2 thoughts on “Harbor Village to Homer Smith Marina

  1. You must be meeting so many new friends!  Things here are pretty much as usual.  Tomorrow we go to Madison, WI to go to our Granddaughter’s music program, which will be sweet.  Keep sending your blogs!  Your adventures are so interesting!


    1. Glad you are following. Its quite the adventure. The weather is on the 80s today. Rented a car and went to the beach. I miss my grands and greatgrands but we have facetime


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