Charleston to Georgetown

April 14 th we ventured out again on the boat with Jolee and Bob to Georgetown South Carolina. We encountered big horseflies bugging us on the boat. We managed. We were passed by quite a few fast bass boats weaving in and out. Then a few big boats that seemed in a hurry and didn’t care if they waked us . When we got there we were assigned to another fairly long dock. The 6 mph current and wind and waves were making it a challenge for Bruce to dock. Bruce had to pull away and flip the boat to the port side. Bob and I finally got ropes to the dock hands and Bruce motored against the ropes to slide us forward against the dock. That was not easy. Then our rental car forced us to pick up our car a day early. So we drove downtown to enjoy a free musical group down by the free city dock. Ice cream again. Sat. We drove the Andersons back to Beaufort to get their car and we decided to take a cruise to Morresville to visit them and their family. Had to stop at a car show on the way. Sunday we toured their cabin in the woods. Monday we visited the Team Johnson car garage to visit with Jack, Jerick and Dilly. We took pictures of Jericks son Tylers little go cart car. We ate out twice, watched Bob get a haircut, were invited to Tammy’s to visit and also had dessert there. A fun day. More fun with Jadyn and Tylers new puppy Buddy. We went to Jacks place to their go cart track the next evening to watch Jadyn with her flat cart and Tyler with his mini sprint car. Then good food and laughter. We decided to head back to the boat that night because some weather was coming in and we had to move to another marina.

Jack, Jerick, and Tyler Johnson
Jadyn with her flat cart
Bruce, Tammy, Bob, Jolee
Jack and Jerick packing the track
Chevelle at a car show we stopped at
Car show
Andersons cabin
View from their loft
Landcasters with Bruce, Bev, Jadyn, Tammy, Jerick, Tyler, Bob and Jolee
Tylers ride

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