Thunderbolt Marina

We traveled to Thunderbolt on April 4th. Good weather for travel as we went through skinny water at Hells gate. We were fine. Once there we shared an uber ride with Sea Trolley and toured Savannah. We walked around mostly, and met up with TxAu for supper and some peach sangria. We were looking for a building where they housed and sold slaves. We saw a historical marker down by the Savannah river. The Savannah Cotton Exchange was a huge building. Friday we took a trolley ride that narrated all the historical sites in Savannah. Then we walked around some of the sqares that James Oglethorpe designed the city around. There were some great looking houses. I forgot to say that every morning there was a box of Krispy Kreme donuts on the back of our boat.

The streets are paved with bricks or stone
I guess the food wasn’t that special
Lee looking for fingerprints in the bricks made by slaves
Where Forest Gumps bench should be
Enjoying famous ice cream wit Lee and Rob we had to wait in a long line to get some.
Many tombs are above ground
Dooling was done in this area close to the cemetery
Many long piers over the marshes
Custom House
Cotton Exchange
Beautiful Fountain
I found a tree house
Very good flutist playing civil war time songs
Our marina at low tide
Docktales with (jill Kristy) jill and Richard, (Red Pearl) Steve and Kathy
Everything is blooming
Great statues

2 thoughts on “Thunderbolt Marina

  1. I love your posts!  This trip is so amazing!  Not much new around here,  I just heard on the news that tomorrow should be 70 degrees and later this week we are supposed to get snow! Yuck!


  2. What wonderful memories you and Bruce are making. Hope you have started a book with all the pictures and memories.


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