Cumberland Island

Friday March 29th we were headed out to Cumberland. We plan to anchor out 2 days. On our way we saw damage from past hurricanes at Fernandina beach marina and they were busy refurbishing some of the marina, a big job. As we were passing an inlet to the ocean we crossed into Georgia. We anchored successfully close to the park ranger station in Cumberland Sound Anchorage. Saturday was a big day. The trail was over 4 miles to walk. So in the dinghy we went. Cumberland was home to Nathaniel Grreen and Catherine who built a home there. The Carnegie family then purchased the Island . Thomas and his brother Andrew were big iron conglomerates. Thomas and wife Lucy rebuilt the home there and it was called Dungeness. After widowed at age 40 she and her 9 children lived there. A few more homes were built for the children. The home burned in 1959 but had been empty since 1916. We walked the tropical trails, saw all the ruins of buildings, walked the beach and marvelled at the pristine dunes. Wild horses have lived on the island since they were brought there in the early 1900s. We saw many of them. At the beach we saw helmet crabs, shells, a porcupine fish, and some jellyfish. Exhausted, we headed back to the boat.

Hurricane damage
Fernandina Marina getting repairs
Cool tug boat
Another cruiser
Georgia Florida line
Low tide by Cumberland
Tropical forest feel
Wild horses
Statue on the grounds
Bruce on the backside of Dungeness
Little crabs
Horses on the beach
National natural beach

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