Fun at St. Augustine

Accomplished our first mooring ball at St Augustine. It’s a ball in the water that is secured in the ground. They tie a line with a loop to it. Then you come up beside it and catch it with your boat hook, thread your lines through the loop and back to your boat. Plus its cheaper than a slip at the dock. They even had a free shuttle boat if you didnt want to bring your dinghy to shore. We checked out the down town on March 21st. We visited the pirate museum and walked around St. George St. The old cemetery had above ground tombs. We found Jojo’s BBQ and rested. Saturday we continued our exploration. Our federal parks pass got us into Fort Castillo De San Marco’s for free. I took a video of the cannon firing but I jumped when it fired. Then we were on our way to Ponce De Leon Fountain of Youth. A Tomuka Indian village was the first settlement in St. Augustine . The harbor was beautiful with the sailboats racing that day. The 25th we went downtown to check out the famous Henry Flagler. He was famous for building the first railroad to the keys from up north. His hotel now Flagler College has extremely beautiful architecture, we saw other old buildings along with other old hotels, churches and I even got Bruce in a small art gallery. We bumped into Greg from the boat TX AU. Then it was docktails aboard Seaquest who are the other Bruce and Bev loopers. Sea Trolley (Rob ,Lee) TX AU (Nancy,Greg) No Snow (Ron,Cheryl). More friends and good times to remember.

Mooring ball
Is he scared
They feel so soft
You just have to plank


Sailboat race
Cannon firing
Castillo De San Marcos
Ponce DeLeon
We should look younger soon
Beautiful Peacock
Koi at the Lightner museum
Inside Flagler College
Flagler College
Just inside Flagler College
Lightner Museum
The other Bev and Bruce

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