Six Month Statistics

For those of you who love numbers. We have gathered some facts from July 13th 2018-January 2019.

Total miles: 3014

Total engine hours: 360

Fuel gallons: 1449

Total cost of fuel: $4830.00

Average miles per gallon: 1.34-2.40

Days of travel: 55

Marinas: 40

Cost of slips at marinas: $7194.00

Anchorages: 8

Free Docks: 6

Locks: 18

Love you kids. Miss you Cherie and Chad
Great Granddaughter Gracelyn
Great Granddaughter Raelynn

Thought I’d better add some pictures

One thought on “Six Month Statistics

  1. Very interesting statistics! You are good examples of life-long learners! You have probably been out of your comfort zones a few times, too! Can’t wait to talk to you in person when you decide to come home!!


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