Anchorage at New Smyrna

We had to leave the marina on Saturday March 9th, so we successfully anchored just behind the Harris Saxon bridge. Quite a few boats anchored here. There is a sunken sailboat here also. We dingied back to the dock to see the classic car show once we settled in and were sure of our anchor. Backtracking, we rented a car on Thursday the 7th and traveled to the Daytonna Dog track for racing and of course a poker room for Bruce. He actually made $500 playing for 5 hours. Me, I read my book and looked at the dogs cause I always pick the losers if I bet on them. Friday we drove to Orlando to take Granddaughter Jazz, and fiancee Jason and Great Granddaughter Rae to the ocean. We drove right on the beach in new Smyrna. It was so fun to play with them. Food and view. Doesn’t get much better. We did have a small problem when Bruce went swimming and sat in the hot tub with our car key fob. Jasmine was familiar with how to use the key to open the door. When we finally got the alarm to stop they had looked up on the internet how to get the key to start the engine. The best part was that the rental place gave Bruce $20 back because he replaced the battery so it would work. ANOTHER STORY.

Small Statue of Liberty on our starboard in the anchorage
Dog track in Daytonna
Jasmine, Jason and Raelynn
At the beach in New Smyrna
Raelynn at the Crows Nest restaurant
Waves at the beach
Car show , Bev ‘s choice
Bruce’s choice. He used to have one

At the Crows Nest
Sunken sailboat
All you see is the mast.

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