Mardi Gras in New Smyrna

We found The Little Drugstore down on canal street. It was a true soda fountain store. Good shakes and cheap hamburgers. Friday March 1st we took off for a dinghy ride looking for a place to anchor for next Saturday. Oops motor stopped and wouldn’t stay running. Yes, another tow from some sweet young fishermen back to the marina. I must say we owe the boating community mucho gracias. March 2nd we saw the Space x Dragon crew rocket launch which was at 02:49 in the morning. It was just a short distance down to the bridge. A very beautiful evening. Monday we had another terrific lunch at the Crows Nest, but this time with my late cousin Larry Feldmans wife Patti and her present husband Ron Moore. Terrific scenery with the Atlantic ocean behind us. I met another looper couple on their boat “Wild Goose” down by the piers. They are just beginning their loop. Fat Tuesday, we took the bus again for provisions. This time Chuck who was on the bus swore he was one of the first mouseketeer. I got a picture with him and his autograph. We looked him up on the internet and I think he was an imposter . His last name should have been Laney and that didn’t match his signature. Oh well, he was old and a cutie. To top the evening off , we took a cab down to the Mardi Gras parade on Flagler. The down side of that was the chilly walk home . Two miles but we got lots of beads, good food, and exercise.

Soda fountain
The Tow
Patti, Ron Moore, Bruce and Bev
The Space X rocket launch.
Rocket with The Rippley Dummy aboard
Mouseketeer Chuck on my right
Bobbie Black
Marina life
Marina Gate

2 thoughts on “Mardi Gras in New Smyrna

  1. Your life is so interesting! Are you going to put all your blogs together and publish it? Things here are still cold and snowy! The High school is performing Sound of Music on Fri, Sat, Sun, and I am one of the old nuns in the convent. I will be glad when it is over, although everyone is doing a great job! Keep writing!


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