New Smyrna Beach City Marina

Bruce and I traveled 69.78 miles on Feb 7th to get to our marina. It was calm and Bruce kept the front window zippered so it was calm inside also. Passing by the town of Cocoa reminded me that Jeannie McBride, Vanessa, Rebecca and Chad and I drove to Cocoa Beach when Chad was 11- I think. Good memories. We will be going under 10 bridges today. The large Nasa Building was visible from the ICW. Under the Nasa Causeway there was a perfect place to boat, kayak, fish or dolphin and manatee watch. It looked like good parking and picnic area also. I thought it would be a perfect place for my niece Kelsey and family. Our marina slip was fairly wide, couldn’t lasso the pelican pole, so we tied to the floating dock. I do like floating docks. The boat is sitting so high I have a problem getting on and off. I need to be more limber. Longer legs would help! Feb 8th we visited the New Smyrna Race Track to see Jack and Jerick Johnson . Jerick is racing the 76 POW-MIA car in the pro late model series. The races are a series of 10 days. We were next to the 38 car who had a woman driver Hailie Deegan and she came in 2nd place. There was another car #36 from Minnesota. Feb 9th it rained most of the day. I cleaned. Today looks dreary.

Derelect Boat
Remember this Beach Jeannie
Jerick Johnson
Jack Johnson
Up on the trailer watching the races.
This guy had his niece who has a terminal illness on his car.
Jerick Johnson
Our rental car for this week

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