Port Mayaca

February 4th we traveled 62.74 miles from LaBelle to Port Mayaca. We locked through at Ortona Lock then Morehaven Lock. Saw our first alligator there. We then passed Herbert Hoover Dike while still in the canal. Many alligators and egrets and herons along the banks. As we entered Lake Okeechobee it looked like one big swamp. We drove quite a ways before it actually opened up into a vast shallow lake. I thought I was in Lake Michigan again. Nice weather for this crossing. It took almost 3 hours. The Port Myaca Lock was open so we drove straight through. Bruce said, “The wickets are open”. We couldnt get into the next marina so we tied to the dolphins, which are groupings of posts just past the lock. The generator started and life is good. Sunset was beautiful

Map of our trip across Florida
Not sure what kind of bird
Moss on a tree – looks like a x-mas tree.
Lake Okichobee
Mayaca Lock
The dolphins we tied to
Sunset at Port Mayaca

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