Dog racing-Poker

January 23rd we took off to the poker room which happened to be at the Sarasota Dog racing track. That means I had something to do while Deb and Bruce played a poker tournament. NO big money but Bruce came in 16th of 60 people. Deb was out before him and came and watched the dogs with me. She determined that the dogs who peed first or pooped were the leaders. She was actually right. I think I only guessed 1 winner. On the 24th we went to a muscle car museum and saw some great cars. Bruce wants to fix up his 67 El Camino when we get home. We stopped at the Max again ( a mini casino-poker-bingo room) on our way back. We missed poker that was at 11:00 , played slots for a bit then we stopped at a german butcher shop and found some kielbasa and beer. That was great to have a special drink for docktails at “Irish Rover” Deni and John’s boat. (people from Iowa). Because Bruce and Deb didn’t get enough poker, we took off for Tampa on Friday to play at the Hard Rock Casino. Way too much driving for 8 hours of fun. !!! Also took a picture of friends Mike and Patty’s boat Parrot bay up in the sling before their paint job.

Patty and Mikes boat up on the hard for bottom paint.
1967 El Camino
New friend Tom??
Found a great place to sit
Beach off Tampa Florida
Bruce and Deb – puzzle time
Trying to make a conch horn

Self explanatory

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