Pelican Bay

Island Girl (Ken and Karen) invited us to meet them with our boat in Pelican Bay. The wind was holding us back on Sat. The 12th, but by 2 PM it had settled right down. So Baytripper headed out of the marina and cruised about 15 miles south. We found Island Girl anchored out in a small cove and anchored alongside them and rafted to them so we could chat. It was 4:30 by then so we spent the evening chatting. It was very calm and relaxing. After a pancake breakfast aboard Baytripper we said goodbye to them as they had to get to their boatyard for a bottom paint job. First Ken and Karen and Bruce had to unwind our anchor rode as it had encircled theirs at least 3 times. We then ventured out in our dinghy to explore Cayo Costa . We took a shuttle ride to the gulf side of the island and looked for shells. It looked like a jungle in there. We dinghied back to the boat and pulled up anchor. We saw many dolphins jumping alongside our boat on the way back home. VERY COOL. Earlier in the week we saw manatees in our marina.

One thought on “Pelican Bay

  1. Happy BIrthday
    Have a very great day!
    Was going to buy you a rose for your birthday but now jean has it.
    Bruce will have to help out with the hugs.


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