Merry Christmas

Shopping for tin soldiers
Just another Corvette 
This boat is sitting on a sand bar waiting to be towed
Bruce and I chatting with Santa

We are enjoying Florida with many other Loopers. Yes good weather mostly but some rainy weather for 2 days. The tide and extra rain caused the water in the marina to come just below the docks. They shut off our electricity a couple times until the tide went down. We shopped with Patty and Mike from Parrot  Bay and tried to get in the Christmas spirit.  Bruce fixed my water pressure problem with a new regulator, then he fixed my hot water heater by cleaning a corroded wire.  There is always something to fix. Next he has to glue my mirror back on in the bedroom because he took it apart looking at water lines. We’ve enjoyed eating out at Harry’s Lounge in Charlotte harbor,  the Waterside Grill in Gasparilla marina ,and the White Elephant  . Bruce offered to take ( Loopers) Ken and Karen to the  airport in Tampa in exchange for the use of their car. So we are set to explore land for 3 weeks.  Hope all you followers, friends and family have a Very Merry Christmas.

Bruce testing the water
Beautiful blue crab
Friends Patty and Mike enjoying the Beach 

6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas Bev and Bruce! I didn’t send you a card this year because I don’t know if you get your mail! We are having a low-key Christmas, but it will be relaxing. Your adventures are fun to see through your posts! Keep them coming!


  2. Merry Christmas!! Bruce makes a great Tin Soldier. Love the blue crab – so colorful. I am glad you are enjoying your adventure and making new friends. Stay safe!! Cindy


  3. Bev Everyone enjoyed the towel had it on display Christmas Eve had 26 people here. Things are settling down some Christmas was hard for everyone with 2 gone but certainly not forgotten. Starting back at Mayo next week for things I have put off otherwise we are doing ok. we have been super busy ground isn’t even covered with snow. Stay safe have good time Have happy new year


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