Christmas Spirit

Many of the boats are decorating for Christmas and they are beautiful.  We are seeing a lot of beautiful cars around here also.  We found a good restaurant at Rum Bay and another a 2 mile walk from our boat. Yes Bruce and I walk that far. My brother Hank decided to crash his car in Minneapolis . Actually someone crossed the lanes and hit him almost head on.  My nephew Scott proposed to his girlfriend Tara, so one more wedding coming up. Now we have to get ready for Christmas  ourselves.

Another sunset 
Rigatoni with meat sauce
Beautiful  pine trees
Rum Bay taxi ride to the restaurant
Nephew Scott and Tara getting engaged
Many Lights
Super Bee

7 thoughts on “Christmas Spirit

  1. Will you be flying home any time soon? FYI I’ll be in New York March 7th. I’m assuming that is way to early for you to be that far north. Keep posting so I can enjoy life through someone else.


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