Cape Haze

Here we are enjoying the Florida weather.  We’ve been to the beach twice with the Boyntons,   Patty and Mike. We’ve also been bathing suit and parts shopping with them. We decided to rent a car and drive around a bit. The Starks, Karen and Ken joined us for dinner on the 28th and we ate at New Faull Inn 20181127_104022restaurant.  Very reasonable and good food, large menu. The Boyntons gave us  strainers to hunt for sharks teeth for early Christmas.  Thank you!.  So we have been hunting. These teeth are very old fossils.  Now it’s time to change our oil on both engines and fix the dinghy.

Strainers shells and sharks teeth
Sharks teeth
Calm beach




A painted little rock guy. Kind if like Elf on the shelf?


One thought on “Cape Haze

  1. I’ve thought of you often! I’m enjoying your new adventures! We had a snow storm Sat-Sun, so we are cozy inside! Mark Walker and wife Patty came for a nice visit one day. I saw Roger Aase at SIFT store in Kenyon last week. I didn’t know he has had some health problems. Our whole family was home for Thanksgiving, so that was great because we aren’t all together often. Molly will be home for Christmas which will be fun. Merry Christmas to you!! Mary Gail


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