Clearwater- Sarasota

We traveled to Marina Jack’s in Sarasota on November 21st.  57.3 miles from 7am to 2pm. I drove the boat some today AND I was able to go under a couple bridges without making Bruce too nervous.  Bruce saw the dolphins jumping more than I did. Sunshine Skyway was a beautiful  bridge.  It was hot but cooled off as we made it into the marina in Sarasota.  We walked  26 minutes to the Publix to get Thanksgiving food.  Patty tripped on our way back and wrenched her back and leg.  Ate at Taco Bell before we walked back.  On Thanksgiving  we and Patty and Mike from Parrot Bay, were picked up by Ken and Karen our friends on Island Girl. They crossed their wake at Sarasota , which is where they live.  We celebrated with Champagne.  We also celebrated their announcement that they are going to be grandparents of triplets.  Back at the marina the next day we took pictures of the statue the kiss. A sailor kissing a nurse.

The marina area
Just a statue
The Kiss


Thanksgiving with the Boyntons and Starks


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