Panama City

We left the generator running while we travel so I can cook today.  Thursday November  20th we traveled through the ICW through 3 bay areas before coming into smaller channels.  It was slightly choppy but good to travel.  We learned to put our TV down so it didnt fall.  Met a smaller barge in the narrows, but we passed ok. We passed much destruction in the Panama City area. The Northstar was a large boat that was on its side and large cranes were trying to right it. Trees were all snapped off and debris from homes was everywhere . All you saw were blue tarps on roofs.  We  anchored in Pearle Bayou with Parrot Bay and Island  Girl . Very muddy bottom. We moved about 600 feet during the night but we still managed to stay in the anchorage.

 Pretty  Boat
Lots of signs telling you to slow down
The Northstar
Mike Wayne and Bruce cleaning anchors
Destruction from Hurricane  Michael 
Old Fishing shack

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