Fort Walton-Free Dock

So glad we made it to Florida
Not sure but it looked cool
GOOD food at the Pub

November 14th we traveled to Fort Walton Beach . We tied to a free city dock. They were supposed to have electricity but we ended up using our generator. It’s cold so I’m glad we have one. We shared our electric with Parrot Bay. They have been so helpful and a joy to travel with. We owe them so much because we feel secure .  Mike is great with his maps and Patty with her scheduling skills.  I have my long underwear on, but Bruce insists on wearing shorts and a heavy hoodie.  It was great to see the Welcome to Florida sign even though it’s cold. We are sheltered from the gulf  by long strips of land. Santa Rosa Island.  Some of the shores look like they have snow  but it is white sand. We are still passing tows with small barges attached. After we docked we walked to a quaint bar and had great barbecue and burgers.

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