Tensas River-Mobile

Submarine galley
An officer who had served was talking with us.


A few small palms along the banks of the river.
Commercial business in Mobile Bay
The armored catamaran
Pelican sitting on a channel marker


USS Alabama

Very wide Anchorage in the Tensas River.  We woke to quite a bit of fog. We got underway about 6:45. That is still early at least for me, but that gets us to Mobile earlier. Once we got out of the river and into the bay the scenery changed drastically.   A few short palm trees, and marshy bayou,  now that’s a sign of the south.  We then approached many commercial  cranes and loading devices.  We noticed a strange looking armored catamaran and many shipping containers stacked along the wharf. You could see some tall buildings and bridges behind the commercial vehicles. It reminded me some of when we cruised through Chicago. Coming out into the channels we saw very low water. Dolphins were swimming beside us through the narrow marked channels.  Then into our shallow marina called Dog River we went.  We were watching the tide and adjusting our ropes in the early morning . We were almost sitting in the mud by 0800.  On Saturday November  10th we checked out the courtesy van for 4 hours and toured the navy ship the USS Alabama and the submarine USS Drum. The Blackbird, a stealth fighter, was there also along with many fighter planes.20181109_105511

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