Bobby’s Fish Camp

More of the coca cola collection


Karen, Ken and Wayne on Island girl. Mike and Patty on Parrrot Bay and Bruce and I all tied together.

November 7th we are carefully untying all our boats and leaving Bashi Creek.  Our  stop is  Bobby’s Fish Camp. One ,and the largest boat was sitting by itself.  So 8 of us shared 2 spots on the dock. That meant rafting 4 deep. NOT REALLY FAIR.  But that’s the way it was. Another boat slipped into the fuel dock later.  The restaurant  was closed, but they called in help and opened just for us.  A wonderful catfish dinner was had.  The restaurant  was packed with my favorite  a large coca cola collection.  GZVE2511

These are our boats all tied together at Bobby’s  Dock.
Loopers getting ready to eat catfish
Catfish dinner
Large collection of coca cola.

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