Demopolis-Bashi Creek

Up early but had to wait until 6:15.  We had a good passage through Demopolis Lock with 11 boats.  It was warm but ended up cooling off in a couple hours .  Off came  the sho

Bashi Creek. We are the far one in

rts and on went the sweatpants.  We saw 5 rows with barges today. One time  the barge grounded himself to let the other one pass.  That happens when the river is too torturous.  When we approached our Anchorage we split up one smaller boat went up the creek, Parrot Bay and Baytripper rafted with Lark.  Optimystique and Sea Trolley rafted.  This was not a large area.  We also tied to a tree thanks to Lark who took their dinghy down and oared closer to shore.  It was a lovely night having supper with Parrot Bay.

Our chartplotter had a picture of what looked like Marge on the Simpsons
Rafting in  Bashi Creek
Help from Lark
This log was right behind us
This was a picture of the dam taken after we came through the lock.

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