Kingfisher Bay Marina

Patty and a Bev ready for the game

We are in Demopolis Alabama trying to watch the Vikings. We may be only seeing the highlights today.  When we left Sumter Landing it was foggy.   We actually waited an hour so we could see better.  By 1019 we had locked through the Heflin Lock .  We are taking 9 days of travel to get from Bay Springs Tennessee  to Mobile  Alabama . It’s over 400 miles.  We have successfullg  boated 2133 miles from Washburn Wisconsin  to Demopolis  Alabama. We did see a few tugs with barges and eagles.  Some rock outcroppings  along the banks . A welcome change of scenery today.  A poor fisherman got swamped by some speed boats with a bit too much wake.  He was able to bail himself  out.  We had a very matter of fact -do it my way or take the highway dockmaster at the Marina.  I wasn’t sure Bruce was going to servive her?!?! Karen on Island Girl sprained her ankle, so Patty and I looked at it and suggested  xrays.  Bruce walked some hotdish over to their boat later.

Fogged in
Parrot Bays boat by the rock wall
Mike and Patty doing a self pump out
Anyone need to make a phone call
Home built very close to the Tenn-Tom bank

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