Columbus Mississippi

This is a bollard
Planes from Columbus  Airforce Base
I made apple crisp from my apple trees at home.
Out for dinner  with Patty and Mike, Penny and Jay
Looking up above the bollard that you tie to in the locks
Columbus Marina
Tenn-Tom Waterway

Starting out with heavy dew this morning. Sun is up but we had to wipe down all the windows at the helm and off the canvas ceiling because it was dripping on our heads.  There weren’t enough bollards to tie to at the Fulton lock, so we rafted to Island Girl. No ropes to hold!  By 10:30 we were going out of the 2nd Wilkins Lock.  Easy peasy.  Next the Amory Lock and lastly the Abordeen Lock. We shared a few logs and debris with the other boats. I’m getting used to the locking process  now. Not so scary.  We are down about 100 more feet now. We saw eagles and egrets, herons, turtles and beautiful floating hiacinths everywhere on the river. There is an airforce base close by and we are seeing and hearing many different planes and jets. We made it to Columbus Marina fueled and pumped. Now it’s time to socialize. We stayed 4 days here. We did get some rain. Its colder today.  Needed a sweatshirt  tonight.

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