Midway Marina

October 28th, we are now in Fulton Mississippi.   We could only go 22 statute miles today. We had plans of going through 4 locks today.  We got into the Jamie Whitten Lock with a bit of fog.  By the time we locked through the fog was gone. It was calm today with promise of 78 degree weather.  We were at the Montgomery  Lock by 9:15  but we had to wait for a barge and tow to go in first. So about a 2 hour delay. We ended up anchoring for a bit.  The third lock was the Rankin Lock. Again we waited. We rafted to Parrot Bay , started the generator and heated up some lunch. By this time we had  10 boats gathered and  into the lock we went. Our fender got caught against the wall and fell into the water. Yes my captain fished it out! Good save.  Our plans changed because we couldn’t make it through another lock before dark.  Patty called and found slips for us at the next marina, so in we went along with at least 6 other boats. Some went on to anchor out in the river.  Docktails, showers, and Vikings .

Many looper boats together
Looper boats tied to the wall in the lock
Sitting outside with view of the boats in the Marina

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