Grand Harbor-Minn

Cotton bales
Bev Picking Cotton

20181025_121036This is where the Federal Troops landed

Bruce planking
Building at Shilo 
Minnesota Monument at Shilo Battlefield
Mike and Bruce at the Restaurant

We are in Counce, TN.  On October  16th  our Friends Patty and Mike drove us to enterprise in Corinth, MS to get our rental  car and shopped at Kroger and Harbor Freight. We ate at Freddie T’s Rooftop Grill and had a great Marguerita. When we got to the marina we decided to pack up and head for Minnesota. We made it to Hannibal MO, stayed overnight then drove to Minnesota the next day. Had a nice visit with Bruce’s brother Scott and wife Debbie. Thursday I pruned perennials all day. Advil is wonderful.  Cherie and Brad hosted us for October  birthdays at her house and we had a surprise  visit from the Kraling brothers , (nephews)  Erik and Josh.  All of Cherie’s  family were there except Brad’s 3. Fun with swisher sweets and nerf guns was had by all. On Saturday we were off to a wedding in New Prague when our Grandson in law was helicoptered to North Memorial Hospital  with many injuries from a power take off at his dad’s farm. He has broken ribs, a broken jaw, a punctured lung and a few bone fx in his back. He is very lucky to be alive!!.  Sunday was a nice day. Chad and Tricia helped take the lift and dock out. Not enough energy left to cover the pontoon for the winter. While Jasmine was at the hospital  with Jason I had the opportunity to babysit my great granddaughters Rae and Remi. The 2 mo. old is pretty feisty.  On Monday the 22nd we enjoyed the company of old friends Denny and Jean, and  Colleen and Larry at Treasure Island Casino. We had asked Marcia and Steve to join us but Steve decided to have bilateral knee replacements instead. Get better soon Steve!  Tues and Wed we drove  back to Tennessee.  Lots of cotton fields and Kudzu which is an aggressive vining plant brought over from Japan.  On Thursday  we joineded our Parrot Bay friends for a journey to Shilo .



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