October  14th. We are now at Bath Springs  Tennessee on the Tennessee River.  Raining during our 40 mile run. Bruce kept wringing out towels at the helm because the rain was coming through our zippers and dripping on the console. We filled a small bucket by the end of the day.  We did see one barge  and passed a few small marinas. We figured out fuel mileage during travel time and we are getting 2.136 mpg. At 8mph we are using 4 gallons of diesel fuel per hour. The restaurant there came and picked us up, so Patty and Mike joined us at Meo Mio’s for crab cakes shrimp and jambalaya. Our server was our shuttle driver. Quaint.  Watched catfish and turtles back at the marina.

Mermaid Marina
Meo Mio’s
Beautiful Homes
Turtles feasting on a dead catfish
Raindrops clouding my view
Riverstone Marina

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