Green Turtle Marina




20181005_162532Difficult to get off the dock at Paducah. Strong current and eddy holding us against the dock. Bruce put some more rpms at the motor and we scraped ourselves off and into the river.  We wound ourselves down the  Cumberland river which was narrower than the Ohio. Now 8 of us looper boats had to wait at the Barkley Lock about 45 minutes before they could let us lock though. We found a place at the wall so we didn’t have to mull around in the river. The Marina was barely a mile up the river so within an hour we were fueled, pumped and snug in out slip.  We have now made 33 day runs since July 13. We loaned a courtesy car and made a trip with Patty and Mike back to Paducah to see the quilt museum

Paducah dock


Feeding the turtles at Green Turtle Marina
Some beautiful quilts at Paducah


2 thoughts on “Green Turtle Marina

  1. Hi Bev!  What an adventure you are having!  It is fun to follow you!  I went on an extension group trip of 80 ladies to Dubuque, IA and Galena, IL.  It was very fun.  It was an educational trip, so that means no shopping.  Bummer!  Weather here at home is cold and windy!  Keep blogging, and have fun!


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