Left October  3rd from our Boston Bar Anchorage  and headed for Cairo IL  This was our turn upstream into the Ohio River.  We went from 13 mph to 6 mph against the current.  Many large barges congesting the Ohio River. Water level is high. So 4 of us pleasure boats (this was the term the lock masters used)  were escorted by a tow boat past  the new Olmstrad Lock but over the dam which was covered because the water was high and past

Barge congestion
Our boats getting escorted through the lock dam area
Colorful tows
Fort Massac


lock 53 no longer there. Three hours later we passed over old lock 52 that is no longer there. Very strange feeling and the water was rough.  Saw an old fort Massac in Metropolis  IL. We arrived at Paducah City dock  KY 8 hrs and 15 min after our morning start. Walked uptown for good pizza and a beer.




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