Saint Louis

The Blue Owl Restaurant
St. Louis Arch
The Sign You Shouldn’t miss
This tow truck was helping hold Hoppies barge to shore
Debby in red tee shirt on left doing her mom Fern’s famous update on river Anchorage

Alton to St. Louis to Hoppies Barge. Made it through Mel Price lock smoothly then Chain of rocks lock , again smoothly.  If you don’t turn left you go over the rocks. Not good.We saw the Arch but didn’t have the right timing to go up in it a couple days ago when we had the car. This is September  30th,weather calm and clear. Made it to the famous Hoppies Barge for fuel. Just for reference about 100.3 gallons of diesel. This should take us at least 300 miles. Because the current is helping us right now. We enjoyed the walk to the Blue Owl restaurant and the chicken and dumplings and dessert of course. We are tied right to the dock and not in a slip. A little rocky with barges going by all night.

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