Home – Wedding

Breanna’s Dance with Raelynn Gracelyn and Cherie

20180923_151315September 20th. Going back home, and it’s storming in Minnesota. Our drive was fine but as we approached Albert Lea I called my daughter as a tornado was devastating Water ille,  Morristown, Faribault  and surrounding lakes. Power was out until late on Sunday.  We had to wash clothes at a laundromat and take showers at the hotel in Hudson before Breanna and Josh’s wedding. Another Granddaughter  married this year. Then the cleanup of many branches at the lake. Our canvas over the pontoon was shredded and the boat lift broken. Thanks go out to Brad and Chad and our neighbors with chain saws. The great part was the rental car they assigned us was very cool.


2 thoughts on “Home – Wedding

  1. It was a scary storm. We were lucky with no damage. That car you rented was very nice. It looks like you were the captain on that one, Bev!!


  2. I was wondering if your place got hit and if anyone was there to check on it. Good to know you were in MN and thankful you were not hurt and not damage to home.


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