Back to Alton Marina  cousins Leroy , Elaine and Eileen stopped on the 27th of September for a quick ride.  Bruce forgot to open the sea cocks and our starboard engine overheated. Antifreeze everywhere and steam coming out of the engine room . SCARY  !.  We donned life jackets just in case. We made it back to the marina and cooled the engine down. It was a tight squeeze down there cleaning up the mess it made in our bilge.   Everything seems ok .  Also Bruce put the 20 horse motor back on the dinghy with Mike’s help.  Spent a few $ at the Argosy casino next door. Hopefully we’ll get to listen to the concert music at the park next door tonight.

Piaza Bird native American Dragon bird by Alton IL
Our boat coming down river
Bruce and Mike working on dinghy motor.

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