Alton IL

Back to Alton , cousins Leroy, Elaine and Eileen are coming to see the boat and go for a ride on the 27th.  Oops Bruce forgot to open the sea cocks  and the starboard engine overheated.  There was steam everywhere!. I grabbed the fire extinguisher and we donned our life jackets just in case.  We limped back to the marina on the port engine.  Everything  cooled down and we were fine.  Leroy had already been to the casino so we went out to eat and chat. It was great to see some cousins.  It happened so quick I didn’t get a picture.  I crawled around in the engine room the next day cleaning up antifreeze,  and Bruce changed oil on the generator and got that running.  Thank you Mike for helping with everything,  they even got the 20 horse motor back on the dinghy. CHAD WILL BE HAPPY.  Docktails with loopers,  a visit to the casino and showers.  Hopefully  we can hear the music tonight from the concert in the park.

Our boat coming down river
Bruce and Mike working on dinghy motor.
Piaza Bird native American Dragon bird by Alton IL


One thought on “Alton IL

  1. Are you finding that you are cool, calm, and collected in stressful conditions? The nursing career probably helped to get you the confidence you need. I am going on a trip to Iowa and Illinois with a group of women Tues. – Thurs. Should be fun!


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