Havana-Upper Buckhorn

20180916_183408.jpgBev watching Terry and Rita on  the Ferry

Rafted to Parrot Bay then set the anchor .Generator wouldn’t start. Very warm outside. As Bruce tried to get it started the plastic steps for our boat fell in the river. On was the chase with the dinghy to get them. It ended up with Mike towing him back.  Quiet night good Anchorage. Next stop Grafton. Enjoyed the crab shack food and live entertainment. Pool was wonderful. Had cousins Rita and her husband Terry , cousins Jim and Ed Littekin join us of course we had ice cream.20180914_161223.jpg

2 thoughts on “Havana-Upper Buckhorn

  1. Your experiences are so interesting! By the time this voyage is over you will have the the same as another college degree!


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